About Us

We got the salt, we got the sweet, we got the ferrets that can’t be beat!

Founded in 2017, the Fierce Ferrets are a Married Couple making comics, games and live stream entertainment~ Sometimes calling on the help of friends!

A drawing of a cute blue female bat furry with bright pink hair and moon earrings, smiling.
Co-Founder & Lead Artist

The sweet half of the married couple that started it all.

Bat is currently studying Computer/Electrical Engineering while working Full Time and making magic at the Fierce Ferrets.

A drawing of a cute grey female fox furry with skull earings, smiling.
Leia Greyfox
Co-FOunder & Lead Writer

The salty half of the married couple that started it all.

Leia is currently working towards her NASM certification in Physical Fitness while being a stay-at-home wifey and the face of the Fierce Ferrets.

Our Fierce Ferret Friends!

Here are those friends we mentioned we made along the way!

A mysterious looking purple dragon furry with a mask covering one eye, smiling.
Daekon Frostgrave
Staff Editor

Spooky Music making, podcast editing dragon man. Loves board games and D&D.

A cool blue male cat furry with multiple ear piercings wearing a red flannel shirt, smiling.
Staff Writer

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An undead male lion whose face is a skull with a faded red mane and a black hoodie, smiling.
Public Relations Staff

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A cute mechanical male own furry with an orange hoodie, smiling.
Halama Prime
Staff Editor

Prime's not a robot, he's just really handy with video equipment.

A drawing of a cute yellow female bear furry with bright blue hair and pink sunglasses, smiling.
Sandwichmaster 5000
Staff Artist

Sandwich connoisseur who loves making art and word play.

A cute male panda with an exotic black and green hat, smiling
Parabolic Panda
Staff Developer

Shiny Hunting Panda Enthusiast. Coding Cat Dad.

We also have an amazing team of community moderators!

Being a mod can be a thankless job, and is all volunteer work. Please remember they try hard to keep our community a safe and fun environment for everyone.

Be nice to them and they will be nice to you ❤

If you have any problems with the server or other members on the server their DMs are open for support! Ignoring our moderators or blocking them can result in being banned from the server

Interested in contributing in helping the community?
Our Mod Applications are always open!

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  • PAX the Voidling

Youtube Mods:

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