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State of the Ferret | July

Jul 1, 2023 10:00 AM
Posted by
Fierce Ferrets

Hey there Ferret Fam, it's our first big update since launching the website and boy do we have a LOT to talk about, so lets get into it!

New Roadmap

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I feel the need to stress that we now have a front page roadmap where you can track more consistent updates! These updates will be - at most- monthly, so especially in long bouts of silence that's gonna be your best go to of "Golly, what have my favorite ferrets been up to?"

Ontop of that, you've probably noticed at the bottom you can now sign up for a newsletter! It would, again, at - most - be once a month, and is soley for the purpose of getting you updates and keeping you in the loop if say you're not on discord, or discord one day dies, or any other social media collapse. It's good to keep contact!

Comic News

Now what you're probably most desperate to hear about - comic updates!

First off, I am happy to announce Leia has slowly began writing again. I won't call it a full return, but its a vast improvement from where she was, AND she even finished 1 whole Beelzebud Strip and 1 whole DungeonMinis strip!

As you can see from our roadmap, right now we are hoping to get up a new Beelzebud (for subscribers) by August, and now we are also hoping that will include DungeonMinis. Just keep an eye on it and you'll know for sure how we're looking!

In terms of comics, if you haven't been to any streams you should know - everything is getting an art facelift! Bat has been hard at work revamping her style and getting ready for anew future of our comics. That being said, no style effects will go into place for Beelzebud OR DungeonMinis until both have finished their respective arcs, but it's happening and we cannot wait.

You can checkout the progress on our art revamp by coming to our Twitch art streams, or becoming a subscriber.

Lastly, The Midnight Museum chapter 1 script is almost complete! This means we should be on track for storyboarding by July, and possibly seeing the first chapter done by January 2024. This all, of course, depends on how busy Bat gets with school, but we are very excited for our new comic IP. Details of which will be incldued in an official announcement by the end of summer.

Youtube Revival

As you can see from the roadmap, youtube lets plays are coming back! Probably by end of July, we've so far finished the Dead Space remake but we want to geta few more games done and ready before we start posting regularly.

We are also going to begin livestreaming some horror games, and yes, over on Youtube. Basically, Twitch is going to be our art and fun streams, while Youtube will be for our horror content. We think it will help us get into a new audience and not alienate our old one too bad. We love you guys, but we also love scary games, and Twitch is terrible.

Subscriber and Store Updates

We already did a fairly lengthy post on our store move, but now we wanna talk our merch future. Basically, we are looking to do less Tees and more stickers, magnets, and (soon) buttons. We also are super interested in beanies, hoodies, and tank tops.. but its so hard to store and market clothing items, so its very bottom list.

Oh, but art prints are on the list for a comeback in 2024, so stay tuned!

As for our subscribers, we have decided to close down discord subscriptions after their price hike and the fact they don't pay out until you reach $100, which is just such an old news and terrible policy. We have also closed our Patreon to new subscribers, leaving it up only for those who have not moved to Ko-Fi yet, and will most likely be closing our Youtube memberships as well to just purely use Ko-Fi as our membership site.

This is because not only do they make their fees simple and easy to avoid, but having a one-stop-shop for our tips, memberships, and shop just makes sense! It also lets us offer discounts on our merchandise to subscribers only, and if that's not a win I don't know what is!

Lastly with subscriber reward catchup; we sadly missed the June mark, but once Bats two commissions our done its first on the list for July before we move into the July list - excluding postcards, which will take a lot of time to catch up on. But, regardless of if you are still subscribed or were a past subscriber, you will get your rewards for the support you have given us.

Thank you all for being so patient.

That's a wrap!

And that's it squad. Things are going slow, but they are moving forward, and that's what counts. One last thing to note is you'll notice there are still links/mentions of Monster Den, our WIP video game - it's still happenning, its just been backburnered most likely until Bat is done with college.

Thank you all again so much for all of the love and support, we're still standing and its large in part thanks to you.

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