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State of the Ferret | September

Sep 4, 2023 2:06 PM
Posted by
Fierce Ferrets

Happy September, Ferret Squad! Can you believe summer is almost over?? Lets get into whats been goign on with your favorite ferrets!

Summer Roadmap Wrap up

I meant to post this on the last day of August but this is how our summer wrapped up! I sadly did not get as far as I would have liked with my backlog, but we got a pretty fair amount done. Youtube is gonna be up sometime this month, I just need to get thumbnails ready... you'll see!

I will post a fall roadmap by the end of the week just to start laying out what comes next while I work on Patreon reward catch up this week. We also have new updates as subscriber rewards are changing starting in October, and Beelzebud/DungeonMinis/Overall Comic work is going to be our streaming content going forward 💙

Its going to be a slow fall as I have a thicc semester ahead of me, but Im dedicating at least 2 days a week to relaxing/art so Im hoping it will allow me to get a little done. Wish me luck!

Subscriber Tier Updates

We have a big announcement about changes coming to our subscriber rewards starting on October 1st.
**Please be sure to read as ALL sub reward tiers are changing.**

Bunker Drone

This tier is being renamed to "Tip Jar" and will now include anyone who has donated money in the last 30 days through our Ko-Fi. This means twitch bits and direct donations will not count as we cannot give any ko-fi access though third party means. (Donations of $500+ at once will be auto upgraded to "Sponsor" benefits for the amount divided by 100 = how many months)

  • Early Access to Content
  • Access to the Bunker93 area on Discord
  • Access to the Supporter-Only store Section **ko-fi supporters only**
  • Name in the credits on our videos and streams.

Bunker Ferret

The biggest change to the Bunker Ferret tier is we are retiring sub sketch days. As of right now my time does not allow for it, and if we ever want to get back on track the time I do have needs to be focused on making content again.  

  • Seasonal Postcards
    ** please note that Twitch Subscribers must be subbed for at least 2months in a season to receive a postcard.
  • Concept art for current and upcoming projects.

Citizen of Bunker93

The biggest change to our citizen tier is concept art is now available for bunker ferrets+ and we are no longer doing monthly postcards. Instead, in time, I plan on making wallpapers out of the postcard arts and more. Also, the seasonal Postcards change will be retroactive, so 2023 will be the first year of it meaning there will not be 12 mailed out later this year on catchup.

  • Your very own Citizen ID badge to Bunker 93 in the mail, designed by you! (Must provide ID artwork);
  • You or a character you create immortalized in our setting with a custom page on our Wikia and chance to be featured in random group shots or cameos in our comics.
  • Digital Wallpapers

Sentinel of Bunker93

This tier is being renamed to "Watcher of Bunker 93". This tier has received the most changes with the badge rewards have been moved to the citizen tier. As I no longer do commissioned art work, this makes the tier rewards I think now even more special as it is the only way I do artwork for others.

  • Custom Drawn Art for your Citizen Badge
  • 1 Free Sketch a Month (Must be redeemed in month and do not carry over)
  • Permanent 10% Discount on all Merch; 25% During Holidays and any events when the 10% is a public sale.

Sponsor of Bunker 93

This tier is being renamed to "Mysterious Benefactor of Bunker93" and has remained largely unchanged - being mostly for wanting to support the hell out of our content, but does include some sweet rewards. Also rewarded when large donations are dropped.

  • Permanently Immortalized on our Twitch Sponsor Book.
  • Monthly sketch upgrade to Color
  • Free Promotion of Products, services, or content assuming said items do not violate our discord rules.

With the new tier for badges, priority will be by tier so I will be working on the Sentinels or "Watchers" who have been waiting thus far. And, I will be spending September dulling out art for the final month of Sub Sketch days.

What will I now be doing with all my free sub sketch day time? The focus of streams will now be working on comic related artwork which is currently the next strip for Beelzebud. I may even start doing subscriber-exclusive hangouts when I am working on other things like concept art or prints/wallpapers/postcards.

As always please fee free to leave any comments/feedback in bunker chat or my discord and tumblr DMs are always open.

Current State of Content

As of right now, our current project list (in order) is:


  • Beelzebud 063
  • Beelzebud 064
  • DungeonMinis 154


  • Children of Silent Town
  • Choo Choo Charles
  • Alone in the Dark (Original)
  • Alone in the Dark (Remake)
  • Resident Evil 4

Aside form our direct-content we are also working on getting back into the convention scene in 2024. I am also hoping to return our Pride Ferret merch back to the store soon as well as start creating new content.

Bottom Line

We have a long road ahead, but we feel we are finally coming out of our burnout and alive with making content again.

Thank you all so much for all your love and support, I look forward to the future of Fierce Ferrets, which will hopefully be finding ourselves back in a comic centric place <3

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