They protect us, guide us, together we are one

When the world broke, so did all of us for a time. Some of us thought we were haunted, others thought we were super heroes… but regardless of the what, the the facts the same; some individuals now had a power never seen before that the world had to adapt to.

In fact, most did! Some had mundane abilities, some had super powerful ones.

Truth be told, it was more rare to see those who did not have an Anima, than those that did.

What is an Anima?

Really, we don’t know. So many theories are out there; are they creations of our own mind made manifest? Are they beings summoned from another world here to help us?

What we do know is they are powerful beings with magical abilities and a sometimes physical form; we can hurt them, though not by most normal means like guns or blades, and they can hurt us. However, they can also also come and go as they please, disappearing and reappearing at their own will or the will of their partner.

We also know that they didn’t appear until after The Fracture.

Famous Anima

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