Fierce Ferret Radio


Comprised of a fun rag-tag band of loveable characters, Fierce Ferret Radio has a mission to keep civilization civilized!

Whats more important to bring folx together than knowing what’s going on in the world, and having quality entertainment?

And of course we can’t forget about 900 adorable ferret mascots!

Station Roster

  • Gideon the Greyfox (Radio Host and Writer)
  • BATJEN (Radio Host and Director)
  • Jack Mason (Writer and COTV segment co-host)
  • Daekon Frostgrave (Radio DJ and COTV segment co-host)
  • Sir Bradley Pandalton, Knighted Mathmatics Engineer (Broadcast IT/Support Engineer)
  • Hallama Prime (Board Operator and Producer)
  • Reaper (Public Relations and Sentient Life Resources)

Live Shows

The list of live shows you can listen to on Fierce Ferret Radio, station 93!

Fierce Ferret Insider

A newspaper circulated in Bunker93 and the outside town. Below are the listed columns you can read!


Coming Soon!



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