About Us

"We got the salt, we got the sweet, we got the ferrets that can’t be beat!"

Founded in 2017, the Fierce Ferrets are a Married Couple making comics, games and live stream entertainment~ Sometimes calling on the help of friends!

Bat (she/her)
| Co-Founder 

The sweet half of the married couple that started it all.

Bat is currently studying Computer/Electrical Engineering while working Full Time and making magic at the Fierce Ferrets.

Leia Gothfox (she/her)
| Co-Founder

The salty half of the married couple that started it all.

Leia is currently working towards her NASM certification in Physical Fitness while being a stay-at-home wifey and the face of the Fierce Ferrets.

Our Fierce Ferret Friends!

Here are those friends we mentioned we made along the way!

Daekon Frostgrave (he/him)
| Staff Editor

Spooky Music making, podcast editing dragon man. Loves board games and D&D.


Coming Soon.

Jack (they/them)
| Staff Writer

Jack is a lot like if the Krampus and Santa had a baby; a mysterious holiday cryptid.


Coming Soon.

Sandwichmaster (she/her)
| Staff Artist

Sandwich connoisseur who loves making art and word play.


Coming Soon.

Nyteshade (she/her)
| Staff Developer

Nyteshade is currently a mystery.


Coming Soon.

Honorable Mentions

Some close friends who have cheered us on and made some small contributions with either ideas or characters, or have appeared as a guest in podcasts such as Drunk Fandom.

Parabolic Panda (he/him)

One of our best mods and the man behind DungeonMinis' player Aurora Bourealis

Halama Prime (he/him)

2018 Kickstarter Video Editor and not-a-robot friend.

Reaper (he/him)

Jack's brother and has guided us through many PR related writeups and image counseling, as well as appeared on a few streams.