About Us

"We got the salt, we got the sweet, we got the ferrets that can’t be beat!"

Founded in 2017, the Fierce Ferrets are a Married Couple making comics, games and live stream entertainment~ Sometimes calling on the help of friends!

Bat (she/her)
| Co-Founder 

The sweet half of the married couple that started it all.

Bat is currently studying Computer/Electrical Engineering while working Full Time and making magic at the Fierce Ferrets.

Leia Gothfox (she/her)
| Co-Founder

The salty half of the married couple that started it all.

Leia is currently working towards her NASM certification in Physical Fitness while being a stay-at-home wifey and the face of the Fierce Ferrets.

Our Fierce Ferret Friends!

Here are those friends we mentioned we made along the way!

Daekon Frostgrave (he/him)
| Staff Editor

Spooky Music making, podcast editing dragon man. Loves board games and D&D.


Coming Soon.

Jack (they/them)
| Staff Writer

Jack is a lot like if the Krampus and Santa had a baby; a mysterious holiday cryptid.


Coming Soon.

Sandwichmaster (she/her)
| Staff Artist

Sandwich connoisseur who loves making art and word play.


Coming Soon.

Nyteshade (she/her)
| Staff Developer

Food and gardening enthusiast who also loves making art as well as developing games and websites.


Coming Soon.

Honorable Mentions

Some close friends who have cheered us on and made some small contributions with either ideas or characters, or have appeared as a guest in podcasts such as Drunk Fandom.

Parabolic Panda (he/him)

One of our best mods and the man behind DungeonMinis' player Aurora Bourealis

Halama Prime (he/him)

2018 Kickstarter Video Editor and not-a-robot friend.

Reaper (he/him)

Jack's brother and has guided us through many PR related writeups and image counseling, as well as appeared on a few streams.