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Comedy Fantasy series inspired by Dungeons and Dragons

The struggles of a Game Master trying to run a serious tabletop RPG with not-so-serious players. A short joke comic evolved into a longer running fantasy fun adventure.



Slice of Life Supernatural series about making Life look more whimsical

A married couple finally find a house they can afford to move into, the only caveat is; it's supposedly "haunted." Not taking the rumor to heart, they move in and discover they have an unexpected roommate.


The Midnight Museum

Two identical disappearances almost 30 years apart.

In 1992 the Martin Siblings made headlines across the coast with the infamous possessed puppet Isabelle, and again in 1995 with the disappearance of Lily Martin. Now, A grief stricken lover with no where else to turn reaches out to the child of two worlds to find their missing partner - using the help of her family's famous Museum of Mystery and Macabre.

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