Welcome to Multiversial! A comedy improv podcast where a judge introduces a world that is just like ours but with one key difference, to our two master debaters, to argue if its plausible and how.

Drunk Fandom

Ever have that one friend who loves something you know nothing about ? Something wish they could explain better? Well, this isn’t that show!

Drunk Fandom is one of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio where they have a drunk person explain something they love to a sober friend, who is clueless.

Call of the Void

A show about all things Weird and Macabre.

Call of the Void is one of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio, created and hosted by Daekon with co-host Jack (ep 1-30) and Bat (ep 31+), about all of the weird and macabre things out there in the wasteland.