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Welcome to Multiversial! A comedy improv podcast where a judge introduces a world that is just like ours but with one key difference, to our two master debaters, to argue if its plausible and how.

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Drunk Fandom

Ever have that one friend who loves something you know nothing about ? Something wish they could explain better?

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Xuvis is currently a sentinel of Bunker 93 determined to keep it safe until his companion arrives

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The Void doth beckoned,And I answered its shout.But it found me a nuisance,And spit me back out.So here's where I reside,In a Bunker dubbed 93.A place filled with ferrets,Where all can be free.

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Birb is an owl that randomly appeared in Leia's Backpack one day, Handing her a deck of Magic the Gathering cards, then Promptly fell asleep.

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