Bunker 93

Published on 26 February 2024 at 09:44

Home of Fierce Ferret Radio! An underground bunker created before The Fracture broke the world, later fitted to deliver long range radio waves and turned into your favorite place to keep up with news in the wasteland!

The bunker served as a lab for various experiments before The Fracture, using ferrets as test subjects, and was abandoned shortly after. It was later found by Leia and Bat who rescued the abandoned ferrets, now evolved to be smarter and live longer, and turned it into a home and Radio Station.

Soon after, they met and formed the Fierce Ferret crew and eventually turned Bunker93 into a home for many wastelanders.


Loyal and kind civilians who inhabit the bunker! The Bunker would be empty without you.

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The watchers watch, wait, observe, document. Only the watchers know when to intervene.

Mysterious Benefactors

More unknown beings that keep the bunker supplied and running.

  • Nejikomu
  • Shadow_Rogues
  • KhoasBunny
  • Immortal Blank
  • Voice of Wind
  • Nyteshade
  • Ryn Greywolf 
  • Miss Haru
  • Jierda
  • Rachel

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