The Fracture

Published on 26 February 2024 at 21:41

The idea was solid, the method… well, mistakes were made…

At the dawn of a new century technology was booming and humanity was ready to reach for the stars, quite literally! There was of course the issue of how; how do we achieve traveling through space efficiently enough? The answer seemed obvious, we needed Faster than Light Travel (FTL)

This is where it all went wrong, how the Fracture came to pass.


In an effort to achieve FTL one thing lead to another, no one really knows exactly what happened… but, rather than go into space, space was brought to us. The world was torn asunder; physics and the laws of man as we knew it changed, some humans found themselves now a new species entirely by fusing with nearby objects or plant/animal life, and to top it all off the reach of this calamity was so massive parts of other dimensions even made fused to parts of ours. Oh, and you know we found out Aliens are real when they started traveling over to find out what we did.

New Life

A collide of worlds meant that all of the dominant species of their respective plains needed to cope with knowing they weren't alone, and weren't so dominant anymore.

  • Singleton - Lifeforms present during the Fracture who did not fuse - singular and natural in its form.
  • Alien - Lifeforms born after the fracture, considered alien to the event.
  • Aspect - A sentient being who comes from unknown or unworldly means.
  • Fusions - Humans that became fused with another being or thing.
    • Furry (Animal Fusions)
    • Oddity (Object Fusions)
    • Flora (Plant Fusions)
  • Anima - Unknown entities with incredible powers that special individuals can summon. Some of us have them, some of us don’t.

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