Drunk Fandom

Published on 30 March 2024 at 11:33

Ever have that one friend who loves something you know nothing about ? Something wish they could explain better?

Well, this isn’t that show!

Drunk Fandom is one of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio where they have a drunk person explain something they love to a sober friend, who is clueless.

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Season 1

# Episode Name Topic Loremaster (Drunk) Interviewer (Sober)
1 Wasteland Whiskey Fallout Leia* Bat
2 Kaoling Hearts Kingdom Hearts Daekon Leia*
3 Retsina Evil Resident Evil Bat Daekon
4 Chronicles of Reisling Chronicles of Riddick Jack Leia*
5 My Hero Absinthe My Hero Academia Leia* Jack
6 Grogzilla Godzilla Ninjabush Bat
7 Madiera Hornets Mable Hornets Jack Bat
8 Mojito Effect Mass Effect Leia* Jack
9 Cocktail Tower Clocktower Bat Leia*
10 Gwent & Tonic The Witcher Leia* Jack

* pre-transition (Gideon)

Season 2

# Episode Name Topic Loremaster (Drunk) Interviewer (Sober)
1 Final Fireball Final Fantasy VII (1997 video game) Leia Bat
2 Sangria Trek Star Trek: The Next Generation Sandwhich Bat
3 Ghost of Tequila Ghost of Tsushima Leia Sandwhich
4 Liqueur & Key Locke & Key (2008 comic series) Bat Daekon
5 Kamen Rye-der Kamen Rider Twinzplay401 (Guest) Leia
6 Jojo’s Bizarre Absinthe Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Leia The Flaming Monocle (Guest)
7 The Wassail Ends With You The World Ends with You Jack Bat
8 Amaretto: The Last Almond Liqueur Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005 cartoon) Leia Bat
9 Sherry Things Stranger Things Daekon Ninjabush
10 Sake Hill Silent Hill Bat Leia

Season 3

Currently in Production - become a member of Bunker93 to listen to episodes as we release them!

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