State of the Ferret | Happy New Year! January 2024

Published on 13 January 2024 at 00:00

Happy New Year squad! Its been a little crazy for your favorite ferrets, so it'll be a short update - so lets get into it.

New Roadmap!

First off I've restructured the roadmap! Rather than doing a new map per season, we're doing a whole year overlook broken up by season. As you can see from the roadmap I have slowed down on how much I am working on at a time. Leia and I are focusing a lot on quality over quantity and really trying to find a better balance to avoid burnout while also coming back into the content fold.


On the comics front I'm splitting the year in two; the first half is going to be a focus on Beelzebud and the 2nd half will be a focus on Dungeonminis, all with Midnight Museum stuff being done between. After 8 drafts of Midnight Museums first chapter, I can say it is ready to be story boarded and chapter 2 is almost done with its 1st draft.

Youtube & Streaming

Video content is going to be the easiest content to work on while I'm in school, so you will most likely see an increase in content on that end starting with our Deadspace Remake - which will also be our last big AAA posting indefinitely that isn't a Supermassive game. On the streaming front Leia has actually been displaying interest in returning to the platform, so you will hopefully be seeing more couples hosting. That aside, we are goign to be focusing our streaming content more on Horror and chaos/party games moving forward, we hope you're as excited as we are.

Game Dev Update

I've been talking with Leia a lot about our game dev future. As mentioned with the roadmap, I can't tackle too many projects due to school but I just wanted to report we will still be working on game projects, infact I write for them a lot in my spare time, but the likelyhood of that happening before I am out of school is slim.


That being said, while I don't plan on doing anythigng substantial with Monster Den anytime soon... I might start working on anew Beelzebud inspired game called Goodbye Ouija. And when I do, updates will be posted here.


Whatever happens, I look forward to working on these in the future, it's been a long time dream of mine to make video games so definitely wish me luck <3

Public Forums and New Ko-fi Forms Coming

With things having calmed down on Reddit, we have made a subreddit that I will be setting up and opening publically soon. We wanted to make options for folx to comment and chat without having to join discord. I don't know if this will be a good or bad idea, but we're going to find out together.

On the Ko-Fi front the Free Sketch for Watcher+ tier subscribers has been added and the new Badge Form for Citizen+ tier will be added sometime today. On the merch front I'm going to be going over our merchandise and deciding what new stuff we want to add in 2024 including the newly revamped Pride Ferrets I keep promising. So definitely keep an eye on that.

Happy 2024!

As always thanks for reading, we're wishing everyone a great start to their new year (including us!) and want to thank you all as always for all of the love and support. See you on discord!

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