We're back with... another new Website!

Published on 27 February 2024 at 12:36

Hello Ferret Squad! We'll keep this quick but we are back with another new website~ another move in the push to take a step back and re-evaluate our goals as creatives and human beings and totally not 3 ferrets in a trenchcoat.

Why the New Site?

I know what you're thinking; Bat, you JUST made a new website last year... what happened?


To get the sad story out of the way, and for those new to our content; the Pandemic really did a number on us. As a result, we've greatly downgraded in popularity and output.

But thats ok! The truth is; these things happen, sometimes all you can do is dust yourself off and re-evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

The move from full freelance to a job and school has hit our ability to make things quite a bit, but its important to remember that it is temporary, and one day we'll be able to focus creatively again just as we did.

And, honestly? The less impact money is having on our content... the better you will see it come back. It already has made a marvel of a difference.


But we got off track; what does this have to do with the website? Well, the host I went with is just honestly too expensive to keep up with the hit we've taken to our freelance income.

So, the move comes at the idea of sustainability and going back to the basics of keeping it simple. The new host is incredibly easy to manage, update, and at 1/3rd the cost of our last host.

Current State of Content

We are still on track with this years Roadmap!

Sadly school has been incredibly difficult to keep up with this semester, so Im not sure if I'll be finishing that BB strip on time, but we'll see!

As of right now, I am more focused on finishing editing our Dead Space playthrough so we can get that up and live. Then we'll be bale to push teh channel into indie game mode!

Outside of that, Leia and I have been talking and we have a renewed interest in making podcasts. Summer may bring not only a revival to DungeonMinis, but possibly Drunk Fandom and Multiversial, and... some new ones we've been a brewing.

State of the Site

As of right now the site is complete, except for the following;

  • Finalized front page Graphics
  • Full Wikia
  • Direct Comic host for reading on-site
  • Art Gallery
  • Moderator Application Form

Unfortunately, I was in a race against time to not be charged by our last host for next month, and was forced to publish earlier than I would like.

The wikia will be slowly rolled out with 1-2 pages a week when I can squeeze in teh time, sadly the one downside to our new host is there is no"template" function, therefore each wikia page has to be built manually from scratch to look as it does.

And as for the Gallery, Im still deciding how I would like to roll that out. With the state of AI scrapping currently, I am trying to get into a habit of protecting my work with the tools available, but it is difficult and time consuming.

And lastly, I need to do some HTML digging to make an appropriate comic navigation menu, so until that happens we'll have to keep relying on sites like webtoons to host our work.

Final Thoughts; The Value of Quality

At the end of the day, we hope you will start to see a return of quality to our work.

As mentioned before; relying less on income from our creative projects will allow us to work on them as we please and not at a scary deadline  pace. And its really hard to express in words how great a feeling that is.


All we ask is that you give us a little patience, and we plan to deliver a worthwhile payoff.

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