State of the Ferret | May 2024

Published on 3 May 2024 at 11:27

Hey Squad! Just a small update;

I know I talked about not doing month-by-month roadmaps, but I've come to the conclusion doing much during my semesters is kinda super hard, so I will probably just be sticking to season roadmaps for school months but breaking down the summers month by month.

So here is a sneak peak of the plan(tm)

My last day of classes is May 7th and my last final is on May 14th. First we have some remodeling to do!

Last summer you saw pics of our new store set up but sadly in the wake of some other house stuff, the basement is a collosal mess and half of the shop is currently blocked by boxes. So, we are going to be cleaning the basement, as well as other areas of the house. The biggest parts for y'all are the basement, as in fixing the shop(again) and redoing our office as we will be making space for a new podcast/show (which you can see has a pilot being recorded by end of summer) more details will be coming later

And, in case you missed it, to help us afford to remodel we have set up... FISH-A-THON 3!!! Yes more fishing, MOAR FISHING! We hope you will join us on June 15th at 12pm(EST) with an entire journey planned (by yours truely) something a little different to spice them up (thought we are still accepting game donations to be played)

Other than that, the rest of the map is pretty self explainatory! Leia and I are jumping back on the podcast bandwagon as it is something easier managed while I am in school, and I think is a lot of fun to balance out our slowler stream schedule lately.

All parties have agreed to revive Drunk Fandom and Multiversial, so we hope you look forward to seeing them back in action! And you will also be seeing me start making posts on Ko-Fi from now on as well, updating everything on there over the course of May as well as FINALLY getting those forms I keep promising up.

We can't wait to get started on all our great plans, and hope you're just as excited as we are!

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