State of the Ferret | July 2024

Published on 3 July 2024 at 10:00

Happy July, Ferret Squad! Just throwing some updates your way as we approach mid summer!

Starting with... Roadmap update!

While I did get some great rest the two weeks between my spring semester and my summer class, my summer class (calculus) really kicked my ass and derailed plans I had made for June, causing some re-arranging.

I've begun my editing journey of getting through our backlog of recordings we made, in light of this- and to not stress my editing time - I have again pushed our youtube relaunch to August. WHICH I PROMISE IS HAPPENING THIS TIME.

Other than that, we are prioritizing getting subscriber badges completed and the house re-arranged, which is desperately needed to access the shop better and stage our office better for recording.

As of right now, Leia is still acclimating to a writing schedule, but she's been working on another BB strip so I changed it from just BB 66 to "strips" incase she gets more done. In the same vein, she's haitus'd on DungeonMinis again so I have pushed it to just August work to give her more time.

As for podcasts; the pilot for our new podcast is still happening in August, but as it'll be sub-only for a bit I decided to remove it from the official schedule for rooms-sake and because its not a priority/will be moved to September/winter break if needed.

Outside of that, Drunk Fandom is not having that much time dedicated to it, its more so stretched out between the two months due to how long and hard it is to schedule everyone (you DnDers know what I mean) Multiversial being much quicker and easier to record, doesn't need as much scheduling since multiple episodes are recorded in a night.

Outside of that, while Leia is recovering from her writers block and other personal things, I will mostly be working on Streaming/Recording, and Midnight Museum.

With that... thank you all so much for all of your love and support.

Oh, and we've got a fish-a-thon coming on the 27th to help me pay for school expenses, we hope to see you there as we watch Leia endure more fishing fun!

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