Published on 10 March 2024 at 17:18
Full Name Darryl
Status Alive

Basic Info

Occupation Soul Collector
Age 26
Pronouns He/Him
Orientation Asexual
Species Reaper
Height 6′ 2″
Weight 40 lbs

Family Tree

Mother Darleen
Father Doovie
Siblings Devin, Davin, Dee Dee, Dori, Diane, Dilbert, Daphne, Donatello


Darryl is a millenial Reaper, soul collector and the best friend of Beelzebud(character).

He is a reoccurring side character in Beelzebud(comic).


Coming Soon


  • Jen spent a long time designing how she could illustrate skeletons in a unique enough way to make them fun for the tone of the comic, being ultimately inspired by Pac-Man
  • Darryl cameo’s in DungeonMinis occasionally, playing a Bard named Sir Darrylton “Dodge” De’Algo Dahlquist-Dixon the XIV. He has a KILLER lute.

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