Beelzbud (comic)

Published on 11 March 2024 at 16:44

A married couple finally find a house they can afford to move into, the only caveat is; it's supposedly "haunted." Not taking the rumor to heart, they move in and discover they have an unexpected roommate.

One of the comics you can read in the Fierce Ferret Insider.


Side Characters

  • Darryl 
  • Damned Danny
  • Sultry Sally
  • Giant Geoff

Guest Characters

  • Steve the Medium made an appearance in strips 013 & 014 in the Moving In Arc.
  • PoorDeadMan made an appearance in strip 041 in the Looking for Work Arc.
  • Our friend made an appearance as Kara Inudarski during the Dungeons & Demons arc.


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