Luke Greyfox

Published on 11 March 2024 at 11:22

** Hello! Many folx have pinged this page as not being updated for Leias transition, however, Even though Luke is a character based on Leia he is still a character and has not transitioned in the story yet, therefore is being left on page as he currently stands as a character.

Thank you for everyone who cared to investigate <3

Full Name Luke Greyfox
Statue Alive

Basic Info

Occupation Writer / Streamer
Age 30
Pronouns He/Him
Orientation Cis/Bi
Species Human
Height 5′ 11″
Weight 190 lbs

Family Tree

Mother Marla Greyfox
Father Jack Greyfox
Siblings None
Spouse Jen Greyfox
Children Beelzebud (adopted)


Luke is the husband of Jen, and one of the Main Characters in Beelzebud(comic).

He is also the Dungeon/Game Master in DungeonMinis and StarMinis.


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