The Last Light

Published on 20 May 2024 at 18:21

The Last Light is an ongoing project, and Leia's master WIP.

A Sci-Fi epic adventure spanning multiple stories across different mediums; podcasts, comics, and maybe even games!

Be sure to check out all the great shows it'd had at Fierce Ferret Radio!

The Last Light: The Star Shepherd

Coming Soon

The Last Light: A Starfinder Campaign Podcast

Join the Rebellion! Follow the crew of the Solar Spectre as they aid the Resistance against the Galvedonian Empire

One of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio about a Starfinder TTRPG game featuring a colorful LGBTQA+ cast with action, adventure and lots of laughs!

★ This show has been discontinued, but is logged on Youtube for anyone interested in listening!

Main Characters

  • Leia as The DM
  • Bat as Lemon
  • WombatBaron as Reese
  • Sandwichmaster5000 as Nosh
  • Daekon Frostgrave as Zrix and Dalas
  • Ninjabush as Sebas
  • Kyriod as Dwayne
  • TheZenDM as Zen

Side (GM) Characters

  • Captain Joachim
  • Ben Wildstar
  • Granny Nemsi
  • Aderyn
  • Gerrus Steelbrow
  • Dos Thaus
  • Kura Onrom
  • Scarf Googlesnort
  • Alphonzo Morven
  • Alana Frostgrave
  • Toby Meowstaflis
  • Coco
  • Elder Tuca
  • Shade
  • Br4v3-9
  • Bortles

Starminis: A Last light Comic

The struggles of a Game Master trying to run a NEW serious tabletop RPG with not-so-serious players, now with LONGER storytelling!

One of the comics you can read in the Fierce Ferret Insider, spinoff of the DungeonMinis comic series, based off the Last Light Podcast


★ This comic has since been discontinued, but is logged here for anyone interested in reading it!

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