Published on 20 May 2024 at 17:21
Player Jen Greyfox
Color Yellow Player
Status Alive

Basic Info

Age 30
Pronouns She/Her
Orientation Cis/Pan
Species Huska (Vlaka)
Height 5′
Weight 215 lbs

Character Sheet

Edition Starfinder
Class Soldier
Path Guard
Alignment Chaotic Good
Weapons(s) Tactical Swoop
Special Items Head Inserted Sight Cam, Stuff-a-log! (Patent pending)

Family Tree

Mother Annalise Engelschwarz (deceased)
Father Vendel Engelschwarz (deceased)
Siblings None
Spouse Alana Frostgrave (dating)
Children None
Extended None


One of the 5 player characters in The Last Light. Played by the DM‘s wife, Jen.

Lemonlisalees (Lemon) Engelschwarz was born into a family of soldiers and a people that blindly followed the empire. She ended up committing petty crimes and other schemes to get away from it all, just in time for it to be destroyed by the very empire it served.

So, she joined the resistance to maybe make some cash and seek revenge against the Galvedonians.


Coming Soon.


  • While never introduced in Starminis, but was originally planned to be introduced after Zen's death, much earlier than in the podcast.
  • Lemon was originally going to be a Lashunta, but the day before her episode debut the “Alien Archive” book dropped, giving a new array of choices for Jen to choose. How could she not go furry?

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