Jen Greyfox

Published on 11 March 2024 at 08:21
Full Name Jennifer "Jen" Greyfox
Status Alive

Basic Info

Occupation Freelance Artist
Age 28
Pronouns She/Her
Orientation Cis/Ace/Pan
Species Human
Height 5′
Weight 120 lbs

Family Tree

Mother Christine Cappuccino
Father Vincent Cappuccino
Siblings Tony Cappuccino, Jimmy Cappuccino
Spouse Luke Greyfox
Children Beelzebud (adopted)


Jen is the wife of Luke and one of the Main Characters in Beelzebud(comic). She also plays in both campaigns he runs.

In DungeonMinis she plays the character Sariel, and Lemon in The Last Light.


Coming Soon


  • Jen is based off of Bat and is the artist/co-founder of the Fierce Ferrets.
  • In The Last Light Jen was introduced in Arc 2 Episode 10 as the character Lemon, who was meant to eventually appear in Starminis as well before it was cancelled.

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