Published on 20 May 2024 at 16:33
Player Sandwichmaster 5000
Color Green Player
Status Alive

Basic Info

Age 25
Pronouns She/Her
Orientation Cis/Ace/Arom
Species Kobi (Ysoki)
Height 3′
Weight 80 lbs

Character Sheet

Edition Starfinder
Class Mechanic
Path Drone
Alignment Chaotic Good
Weapons(s) Guns & Grenades
Special Items * So Many Grenades

Family Tree

Mother Unknown
Father I need to find his name but he’s dead
Siblings Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Extended None


One of the 5 player characters in The Last Light and StarMinis. Played by Sammich.

On a journey to find her family and herself; Nosh joined the resistance initially because the thought of being alone terrifies her.

Now, she views her crewmates as family and will fiercely protect them. the missions are beginning to teach her to not see everything in the black and white realm of right and wrong.


Coming Soon


  • Whatever number of grenades you think she has in her cheeks, you are wrong. So. Many. Cheek grenades

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