Published on 19 May 2024 at 10:22
Full Name Unknown
Status Alive

Basic Info

Occupation Historian and Fact Checker
Age Unknown
Pronouns She/Her
Orientation Trans/Poly
Species Fusion: Furry (Snow Leopard)


A wanderer and part-time crew of Fierce Ferret Radio.

NyteShyde stumbled onto Bunker 93 one day while traveling the realms for knowledge and made friends with the crew inside, even helping them to learn about what the world has become and assist in their productions as a meaningful way to bring joy back to the wasteland.


Coming soon


In the heart of frost-laden forests, where the whisper of snowflakes meets the rustle of leaves, there strides a figure both elusive and bewitching.

Meet NyteShyde, a snow leopard whose enigmatic presence is woven into the very fabric of nature itself. Born amidst the serenity of snow-capped peaks and ancient woodlands, she is not merely a creature of the wild but a steward of its secrets.

With a keen eye and a gentle paw, NyteShyde channels the primal energies of the earth as a plant witch, her magic an intricate dance of growth and renewal. From the delicate sprout pushing through the snow to the towering guardians of the forest, she tends to the verdant tapestry of life with reverence and grace.

But beneath the tranquil veneer lies a spirit untamed, a creature both fierce and compassionate. As an anthropologist of the natural world, NyteShyde traverses realms both mundane and mystical, seeking to understand the intricate connections that bind all living things.

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