Call of the Void

Published on 30 March 2024 at 12:09

A show about all things Weird and Macabre.


Call of the Void is one of the shows played on Fierce Ferret Radio, created and hosted by Daekon with co-host Jack (ep 1-30) and BatJEN (ep 31+), about all of the weird and macabre things out there in the wasteland.

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Episode List

# Name Description
1 Creeps & Crawlies Daekon and Jack discuss some weird, Bizarro world news stories that feel to strange to actually be true. (They're all true.)
2 Ruined Childhoods Daekon and Jack explore their childhood traumas and things that went bump in the night, which admittedly, explains a LOT....
3 Hallo-weenies Daekon and Jack have a little chat about their favorite holiday and what it means to them.
4 Cubic Time 4 simultaneous days happening all at once in different quadrants of the Earth? Daekon describes the bizarre conspiracy laden ravings of Gene Ray and his Time Cube to a bewildered Jack.
5 Scary Stories to Tell in the ARG Daekon and Jack chat about their favorite creepypastas and internet ARG's. The list of everything Daekon and Jack mentioned in this episode are listed below our credit links under the video description!
6 Paranormal Activities From mysterious ghostly activities, to potential black eyed children, this episode Daekon and Jack share some their own personal paranormal experiences with one another.
7 Comically Large Knives in Haddonfield Since 1978 LISTENER BEWARE, YOU'RE IN FOR A......SPOILERS......Daekon and Jack watched the new Halloween (2018) and wanted to take some time to discuss their thoughts and opinions of the film.
8 Chipchan Daekon and Jack discuss the strange livestreaming phenomenon that is Chip-Chan.
9 The DAYD Middle-earth Stood Still In this episode, Jack tells Daekon the shocking and often horrifying story of Andrew Blake, a man who created cults around several fandoms (i.e. Lord of the Rings). Blake seems to still be at work, attempting to infiltrate fandoms (most notably the Critical Roll community just last year), using the same tactics every time.
10 Interface Daekon talks about Interface, a mysterious new web series, followed by a discussion about alternatives to conventional methods of handling remains after death.
11 Quicksand In this episode, Jack talks about Stephen Glass, a star-reporter-turned-outcast. The truth is most certainly stranger than fiction.
12 The Skepticism of True Believers Having recorded this episode just after ringing in the New Year, Daekon and Jack catch up on current events in the news, and personal events in their lives, that they had to wait to tell each other due to the holidays. Then, since they have discussed many of the supernatural things that they believe in on this show, they take the time to discuss the things that they don't.
13 Daekon is a Movie Killer Jack airs their grievances about Haunted, a show on Netflix about "true stories" of paranormal events. Then, Daekon discusses his recent trip to New York, and getting to hang out with Jack, Luke, and Jen in person! Finally, Daekon accidentally ruins Jack's favorite horror movie, Grave Encounters.
14 Paranormal Aliens In this episode, originally intended to follow "EP12: The Skepticism of True Believers," our hosts talk about some stories that Daekon found interesting from Reddit's Paranormal forum, and similar experiences that they have had. Then, they continue their discussion about aliens from our twelfth episode, specifically in regards to the "Ancient Astronauts" theory.
15 Local Legends Our hosts discuss local urban legends from their home towns.
16 Oh, the Places We’ll Go! Daekon and Jack discuss the places that they’d like to go visit and investigate should they ever be funded enough to do so.
17 Momo Money Momo Problems In this episode, Daekon and Jack discuss "The Momo Challenge," its creepypasta, the origins, and other such nonsense which began when a cropped image of a sculpture called "Mother Bird" (created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa for a special effects company called Link Factory) started circling the web. Soon after, the story of the supernatural creature, Momo, who instructed children to hurt themselves and their families, emerged in posts and videos. Parents were then warned through sensationalism about this frightening "challenge," and the news went viral.
18 Deakon’s Ghoulish Games Corner Daekon, an avid board game enthusiast, tells us about some of his favorite horror-themed board games.
19 Mr. Sweetly (Jack's Birthday Episode) In October of 2015, Jack wrote and posted a story to Reddit's NoSleep forum. Since then, Mr. Sweetly became a series and has been read on several podcasts of note, including The NoSleep Podcast. It has also been the subject of some fan art, including a fan film by Noah Tubbs, called "Before the Billy Incident a Mr Sweetly Story."
20 Leaving the Pineapple Under the Sea Daekon and Jack discuss the SpongeBob inspires fan series "SpongeBob Beyond" (also called "The Tale of Blue") by 12th Art Group on YouTube.
21 Very Much Stranger Than Fiction Our hosts briefly discuss the Yeti footprints found by the Indian army in the Himalayas. Then, Jack tells the true story that inspired the baseball classic, The Natural, which was one of the very first stalker cases in the U.S.
22 Not Gonna Lie, This One’s Intense Our hosts discuss two stories suggested to them by Patreon supporter, Jierda! In the first, Jack talks about the shoes that keep washing up on the shores of British Columbia. Then Daekon tells us the story of Anatoly Moskvin. This episode truly encompasses both weird and macabre.
23 Remains to Be Seen Apologies for the render title error in the video! In this episode, Daekon talks about three of the world's most famous corpses.
24 Daekon's First Solo Adventure (Board Games Redux) In this episode, Daekon (who recorded this all by himself when Jack wasn't feeling well) revisits the board game discussion from Episode 18 and tells us a bit about some more games he has played or is excited about!
25 Twisted Tunes Jack is back! Our hosts discuss some of their favorite songs and musicians that lean toward the darker or spookier side of things with their subject matter.
26 We've Been Here a Year! (Special Guest Bat) We're celebrating a year's worth of episodes with our first-ever guest, Jenifer "theBATCLAM" Harris, of the Fierce Ferret Foundry! In this episode, Jen discusses her really old and super haunted house, how she got into horror, and more!
27 News Oddities to Imagine To Revisiting the concept of their first ever episode, our hosts discuss a couple of strange news stories of recent events!
28 People Say Friends Dont Destroy One Another Our hosts gradually spiral into madness and devolve as Daekon talks about the movie Sleepwalkers, written by Stephen King. Also, a Gauntlet is proposed along the way to see which of them can find a film more mind-breakingly awful than this one in the hopes of obliterating the other's psyche. Just as best friends do.
29 Tales from the Void | Halloween Special 2019 Happy Halloween! Our hosts have each written and narrated a horror story to celebrate this, their most favorite holiday. We hope you like them!
30 Back from out of the Void We are back from hiatus and celebrating in the only way we possibly can; by talking about Freudian fish and a really awesome horror game.
31 The Quarantine Episode Daekon takes some time during quarantine to give a few recommendations of how to spend this time at home.
32 Quarantined Halloween 2020 It's spooky Season again! And just like every Spooky Season, Daekon is sick. This Episode Daekon brings in the amazing and ever so lovely Leia and Jen to chat about Halloween, and Leia shares an odd story with everyone about a time they were tasked with trying to stop a budding serial killer?? Also it is worth mentioning here as well that Jack has decided to part ways with CotV.
33 Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! This is the final episode with Jack as a mainstay co-host. In this episode, Daekon and Jack discuss Daekon's last trip to NY (back in February before the world caught fire) They discuss the Beetlejuice musical which they saw together, Daekon's paranormal experience, as well as the other fun things they did in the city. We hope you enjoy this look back into what life was like in the before times.
34 Conspiracies or We're Back a CotV Story CALL OF THE VOID IS BAAAAAAAACK!!! Now with 50% more conspiracy theories! Jen Talks to Daekon about Conspiracy Theories and the two chat about other random stuff as well. Hope you enjoy! Do something nice for someone else, and we love you very much. Happy Pride!
35 Randonautica Daekon chats with Jen about weird Randonautica stuff. This episode was recorded around the end of last year and it picked up the wrong Mic for Jen. Either way we hope you enjoy the episode.
36 The McAfee Situation Daekon Discusses the VERY current situation with John McAfee to Jen, and Jen talks about a WILD story she read to Daekon. It's a good time.
37 TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH Jen tells Daekon about a tiktok she saw involving a man dragged out to sea, and a TERRIFYING T̷̺̺̩̤̟̔̓̄͗̌́̈̊͂̇͒̚͠E̶̻̮̣̺̞̗͍͕̬̲̣̋̉̓͌̂͐̾͐͛̓̌͋͘͜ͅͅE̵̢͉̪͇̽́́̒͂̅͋̕̕͠T̴̨͙̍̿̎͋̽͋̿̀́H̸̛͙̙͙̝̺̞̙̭̑͐̎͜ PALACE....


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