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Xuvis is currently a sentinel of Bunker 93 determined to keep it safe until his companion arrives

Xuvis showed up to the bunker about a year after it was reopened, disoriented, wounded and, asking if Kaita was there, that she should have been there, IT said he would find her here…

After collapsing due to his wounds the residents patched him up and he decided it would be better to stay there and wait since he believes Kaita will find her way there.

He was fused with a piece of space itself letting him alter it around himself, since this was useful to disorient enemies in fights he applied to become a sentinel. Unbeknownst to the other residents he often uses this power quite often in the Bunker, mainly to allow the ferrets more spaces to fit in and hide, earning him his unofficial job title. He also used a stronger more permanent effect on his room as well as some other parts of the bunker.


“Wait the room he registered as his, isn't that a maintenance closet?”

“How the hell did he get an entire koi pond in that room?! WITH KOI?!”


Coming Soon...


  • “The closer you were the more messed up the effects were"
  • There are a few puns in this profile
  • Xuvis was designed and created by Dimension4499

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