Volstag Thundertusk

Published on 27 May 2024 at 09:08
Player Jeff Domino
Color Blue Player
Status Alive (Died, but was revived in the Book of Raise Dead arc)

Basic Info

Age 18
Pronouns He/Him
Orientation Cis/Pan
Species Half Orc
Height 6′ 7″
Weight 300 lbs

Character Sheet

Edition D&D 4e
Class Barbarian
Path Berzerker
Alignment Chaotic Good
Weapons(s) Chainsword “Delilah”
Special Items Is totally not hiding Demon Meat from Morgan

Family Tree

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Kizzus (dating)
Children None
Extended Unknown


One of the 5 player characters in DungeonMinis. Played by Jeff.

From a tribe of nomadic desert orcs, he encountered Roland at a young age and set off to make fame and fortune with the halfling thief (and to keep him out of trouble)


Coming Soon


  • Volstag and his player were not initially in the campaign DungeonMinis is based on, and joined in during its 3rd restart, when 2 previous players had quit.
  • The writer constantly spells Volstag with 2 g’s, which has sometimes been missed in editing.
  • You can see Jeff and the rest of the DungeonMinis player’s cameo in the BeelzebudxDungeonMinis Crossover event, in Beelzebud’s DemonMinis arc.

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